at Montreuil Bellay (France)

General terms of sale apply to sales concluded between the customer sponsor and the Craft Pottery AUTOUR DU POT Myriam LEBRUN

- domiciled : 6 road of the Castle, 49260 MONTREUIL BELLAY (FRANCE)

phones + 33 (0) 2 41 38 13 92 or cell + 33 (0) 6 12 43 40 09

e-mail address :

web site :

represented by Myriam LEBRUN, Ceramist, registered on the Chamber of trade of ANGERS (France), under the number SIRET 800 164 600, and under him N VAT FR 86800 164 600.


A) The price of the product is indicated H.T (exclusive of tax), and in euros (€), on the price list flyer of Pottery AUTOUR DU POT.

B) The prices are established "departure workshop" (EXW - according to Incoterms): - the transport costs are chargeable to the customer, in the choice between his own Carrier or the Carrier of Pottery AUTOUR DU POT always with transport costs chargeable to the customer.- Customs charges, local taxes, VAT (France), are chargeable to the customer: it belongs to the customer to inquire customs charges or quite different tax.- Packing expenses are taken care by the Pottery AUTOUR DU POT.

C) by signing the order form, the customer declares he read and accept without reserve the present general terms of sale.

D) The bowls of bathroom and other ceramic are created and made in the workshop of the Pottery AUTOUR DU POT of Myriam LEBRUN.

E) Being art craft, no product is really identical: no guarantee of result identical to photos because every piece is unique.

F) The customer will have to make sure with Myriam LEBRUN that the command is possible, with regard to the fact that being Creative craftsmen, the Pottery AUTOUR DU POT is forced to a number limited of manufacturings.

G) In case of phone order, or by e-mail, a confirmation of the customer written and signed will be required.

H) In every case, the command will have to be confirmed in writing by the Pottery AUTOUR DU POT.



A) From the signed order form, the customer will pay an advance of 30 % of the total amount of his order, by Bank card (CB) or by transfer, in euros (€):

Banking institution : Credit Mutuel of Châteauneuf on Sarthe ( 49330 ), France

Code banque:10278

Code counter (ticket office): 39415

Account number: 00021467301

Check digits: 41

Beneficiary: LEBRUN Myriam Autour du Pot

IBAN: FR76 1027 8394 1500 0214 6730 141

Number of the order form: take it on the order form.

B) The Pottery AUTOUR DU POT will give evidence of the payment of this advance, by writing, signed.

C) The payment of the balance will be made from the shipping of the goods since the workshop : the goods will leave only when the payment of this balance will have been made and taken, by bank card (CB) or by transfer.

D) The delivery deadlines :

- The delivery deadlines (minimum 2 months) are to be defined with the Pottery AUTOUR DU POT : indeed, being Creative craftsman, we are forced to a number limited by manufacturings.

- An overtaking of deadlines will not engender expenses nor late charges for the Pottery AUTOUR DU POT; however, in this case of delay, the customer can then cancel his order and get back his paid advance.

- The Pottery AUTOUR DU POT will specify the delivery date on the order form, but will not be held responsible if home-made hazards delayed or cancelled the delivery. In this case of delay of delivery deadlines, the Pottery AUTOUR DU POT will inform then the buyer about it, and will so pay off to him the paid deposit, within 30 days maximum after the notification of the delay.

E) In the delivery of the parcel, the customer necessarily has to proceed to the opening and the check of the parcel, and inform possible remarks the Pottery AUTOUR DU POT, within 48 hours.



- The sales of the Pottery AUTOUR DU POT of Myriam LEBRUN are submitted to the French Law.

- Any dispute between the buyer and the seller will be, for lack of agreement, the exclusive competence of the Courts of ANGERS (France).


Myriam LEBRUN remains a holder of copyright on its creations, thus any reproduction is forbidden.

The end